get involved

The Shtiebel is a social enterprise created in response to the changing needs of our community. Our volunteers are the heart of our community and wherever possible, we lean on the skills and knowledge of volunteers to minimise our operational costs and maximise our communal impact.
There are multiple opportunities to get involved in our community and support our work.


balebos (Noun) Yiddish: באַלעבאָס (bah-leh-BUHS) 

  1. host or master of the house to,
  2. help on Friday evenings, festivals & special events to look after the bar, including setting up and serving drinks and snacks,
  3. serve kiddush and tidy up after services.

We are seeking help on Friday afternoons from 5:15pm until around 7:15pm. Please complete the form below to let us know what dates you would be available to help out. We will be in touch to confirm which date/s you are rostered on for.

street pantry

In collaboration with Mazon Australia, we are launching a community Street Pantry, located at the front of our building at 34 Booran Road

we are looking for volunteers to help look after our street pantry, by

  • Regularly checking and restocking the pantry with donated supplies.
  • Helping coordinate food drives to restock our supplies.
  • Collecting supplies when needed from the Mazon warehouse.

mowers & growers

Mowers & Growers group is an enriching opportunity to cultivate a sense of community and contribute to our shared spaces.

By becoming a volunteer, you actively participate in the care and beautification of our gardens, courtyard, and veggie patch.

Engage in the joy of nurturing greenery and fostering a sustainable, thriving environment.

Your involvement not only transforms our surroundings but also establishes a sense of pride and accomplishment as we collectively create a welcoming and sustainable haven for all.

Join us in cultivating both plants and bonds within our community.