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Creating meaningful and personalised Jewish moments through each celebration and commemoration in our lives, the shtiebel supports a range of lifecycle events. Our community comes together mekodesh lechol, for the milestone moments and the everyday opportunities to connect, create, and gather. Our lifecycle events are offered on a fee-for-service basis and open to all members of the community.


Welcome your child into the world and the Jewish people with a personally tailored religious or cultural ritual.

We would love to hear more about what you’re looking for in the celebration of bringing your child in to community. We know it can be a busy time for expecting families, so please complete our interest form and we’ll be in touch with you at a time and modality that suits you.

b’ mitzvah

Our b’ mitzvah program guides individuals and families to create meaningful experiences that deepen their connection to our history and heritage without expecting them to pretend they are anything other than themselves.

For more information, please visit our dedicated b’ mitzvah page.

Alternatively, please complete our expression of interest form and we’ll be in touch to set up a time to chat.


The home has always been the center of Jewish life and while over the centuries how we live and where we live have changed dramatically, there are many aspects of the Jewish home that remain constant.

For some, this is defined by physical actions, such as placing a mezuzah on their doors. For others, it is about the rituals and traditions that we share with family and friends in our homes.

Regardless of how you define your Jewish home, we at shtiebel are committed to helping you shape and grow it in ways that are meaningful to you.

If you would like to work with us on the development of a specific ceremony or crafting a bespoke tradition, we look forward to speaking.

For many, a Jewish home is the foundation of the Jewish family and the Jewish community.


If you have attended more than one Jewish wedding, you’ve probably noticed some major differences in practices and traditions from one ceremony to the next.

While some find this surprising or even confusing the reality is there is no such thing as a “traditional Jewish wedding”. Rather what you have seen and shared are weddings that have been influenced and shaped by Jewish tradition, ritual and culture.

At shtiebel, we are committed to working with couples to understand the traditional Jewish rituals and create unique ceremonies that fit their own needs, religious practices, and personal stories. Our unique wedding ceremonies, bespoke renewal rituals, and creative commitment ceremonies reflect our commitment to egalitarianism and pluralism.

We look forward to discussing this and many other ways we can create a meaningful celebration of your relationship and marriage.


There are times in life when we all could benefit from a little extra support and a friendly ear. For some, this is during times of trial and tribulation, for others, it might be times of change or new beginnings.

Whatever it may be, thanks to the support of the Shtiebel Benevolent Society, our team are pleased to be able to meet with you, listen, and, using Jewish tradition, offer ways to support you.

These pastoral sessions are generally face to face meetings at The Shtiebel. If you would like to organise a time, please be in touch, via the form below.


The passing of a loved one is often a challenging time for mourners.  Thankfully, Jewish tradition provides us with a myriad of rituals and opportunities that allow us to remember those who we have loved and lost.

We are pleased to work with a number of funeral providers and burial services (both Jewish and secular). We are confident that we will be able to help you tailor a meaningful funeral that both honours tradition, whilst also reflecting the diversity of our modern community and the complexities of our family and friendship circles.

Please call our offices (03 7044 0185) or complete the form below to set up a time to discuss your needs.

remembering a loved one

For many, remembering the past is a powerful way of connecting with one’s Jewish self.

In Jewish tradition, it is customary to remember those who we have loved and lost through the recitation of the Mourner’s Pray on the anniversary of their passing, known as a yarzheit.

Our team would be honoured to work with you to create a memorial service or ritual that helps you meaningfully remember the important people in your life.

If you would like to organise a time to discuss options and opportunities with us, please complete the form below and let us know when is the best time for you to meet.