Shabbat is a time for warmth, connection and reflection, where loved ones gather to light candles, bless wine, and break bread. Through prayers, songs, and meaningful conversation, Shabbat babayit encourages us to create cherished moments with family and friends.

Shabbat begins each week at sunset on Fridays until nightfall on Saturday.

Following the candle lighting, you may choose to offer the Birchot Mishpacha or family blessing, which echoes the priestly benediction and provides an opportunity to welcome and acknowledge the children and guests gathered around the Shabbat table.

After reciting Kiddush, we transition to the handwashing ritual, a moment of purification and anticipation before breaking bread together. As water flows over our hands, we symbolically cleanse ourselves as we prepare to share the Shabbat meal with loved ones.

Traditionally, families follow Shabbat dinner with the recitation of Birkat HaMazon to express gratitude for the meal and appreciation for those who provided it. Our final blessing captures the essence of this tradition.